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Yep, it’s another Harley Quinn today! I’ve been posting collectibles showing Harley in her newer-version costumes, so I decided to go back to her classic look for today’s collectible. This is the Harley Quinn Bishoujo statue, released by Kotobukiya last year. It comes with two interchangeable faces for Harley that you can swap out using magnets attached to the back of each face. The face swapping is a little strange, as both faces included have exactly the same sculpture and expression. The only difference between the two is that one has Harley’s face painted white, and the other has her face unpainted, just in a natural skin tone. The Caucasian skin tones on these Bishoujo statues tend to be very light, so even the “unpainted” face is pretty close to white, making the difference between the two faces almost unnoticeable. I took photos of both faces in the same shot pose for comparison, but I prefer the white painted face, so that’s the one I used for all the other photos.

Also of note is that I picked up a bunch of new backgrounds on the cheap at the hobby store today, because some of the ones I’ve been using for the last several years have started to show their age. I was able to replace the old ones with new ones in the same color, but I also managed to find a few colors I’ve never used before (like the pink in these pics).

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Danielle Moonstar, aka Mirage, is a Chris Claremont-created character who first appeared in New Mutants in 1982. She’s one of a handful of X-Men characters that started out in the ’80s as students and appentices to the A-list X-Men, only to evolve into a full-blown X-character in modern comics. Dani is the most recent US release in the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection from Eaglemoss.

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Most of the New 52 costume revamps that happened when DC rebooted all their ongoing series added tech elements and textures to classic heroes’ costumes. For Starfire, however, the New 52 remake dispensed with her costume pretty much entirely. She made her reboot debut in the Red Hood and the Outlaws comic, flying around very nearly naked most of the time. There was some fan backlash, and she now occasionally actually wears clothes while fighting bad guys. This bust is based on her look at debut time, though. Even with the costume’s ridiculousness, I still think it’s a neat piece, and I like the way her hair morphs into fire around the back of the bust.

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What’s this? A non-collectibles post?! I’ve been messing around with some video capture software and techniques in order to make video reviews of games for Fandomania. After professing my addiction to FTL numerous times on Twitter, Facebook, the podcast, and elsewhere, I decided to make a test video of myself firing up the game and taking it for a spin. This video is my first run at a gaming commentary video and isn’t as polished as the official stuff I’m doing for Fandomania will be. Still, it turned out decently for a tech demo, and it might turn some new players on to one of 2012’s best games, so I decided to go ahead and post it. I plan to follow up with some additional videos to follow the rest of my progress through this game session of FTL. For now, here’s part one.

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Here are some shots of the newest Blue Beetle bust, part of DC’s Super Heroes collection. This one came out last year and features the redesigned New 52 costume for the character. One of the common design elements across the New 52 costumes is segmented suits and armor that look techier than before. Blue Beetle also has the segmented armor look, but his suit is more chitinous, which looks cool for a bug-based character. I also like the way the wings look on this one and am mildly surprised they didn’t break off in the box on the way to me.

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I haven’t read a ton of comics with Ambush Bug in them, and I don’t know a whole lot about him other than that he’s a delusional and pretty wacked-out superhero-ish guy in the DC Universe, sort of similar in personality to Deadpool in Marvel. And, like Deadpool, Ambush Bug enjoys breaking the fourth wall early and often, as evidenced even in this figurine that has him reading a copy of the Ambush Bug character guide magazine (upside down) that came with the figurine. He’s #87 in the DC Superhero Figurine Collection from Eaglemoss and is cast from lead in scale with the other characters in the series.

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Today I’m featuring another statue in the DC Comics Cover Girls series, Catwoman! There was a previous Catwoman piece in this line back in the first year or two of it, and I’ll probably post pictures of that one here as well. This is the New 52 Catwoman that released more recently, and I really like the way the redesign translated to the sculpture, from the shorter hair to the kitty backpack stuffed with jewels to the leaping cat on the base.

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Time for another Classic Marvel Figurine from Eaglemoss! This one is Winter Soldier, or The Hero Formerly Known as Bucky. He’s cast in lead and in miniature scale with the other standard-sized characters in the line. By the time Eaglemoss completes this series (in just a few months, for US collectors) there will be 200 standard characters released. That means you can expect a lot more of these little guys and gals showing up as I plow through my Project 365.

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Today’s statue is a pretty controversial one for a few reasons. First and foremost is that it’s the first collectible released featuring Harley Quinn in her post-New 52 costume. Many Quinn fans absolutely loathe her new look in the current DC comics, so this statue hits a sore spot for them. Adding insult to injury is the base of the statue, which blatantly has Harley taking a sledgehammer to her old, classic costume before stomping on it. I’m not especially attached to any one look for Harley Quinn, but I like her overall as a character, so I’ve been okay with the makeovers she’s gotten in the comics and in the video games. I still have a few additional Harley Quinn collectibles that I haven’t posted here yet, so they’ll probably show up at some point during this year.

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I might have mentioned before that I’m a lifelong Star Wars fan. I’m also a lifelong fan of toys, and nothing goes together better than Star Wars and action figures. I haven’t featured any poseable figures here since I started my Project 365 posts, so it was just about time that I broke that trend. This is the Imperial Snowtrooper, the newest 12″ action figure in Sideshow Collectibles’ high-end Star Wars line. He comes with plastic armor over a fabric bodysuit, and everything is weathered really awesomely. The figure has six interchangeable hands that pop on and off at the wrist pretty easily, allowing him to hold his gun, hold other things, point, and do all the other hand-type things a Snowtrooper might do. His backpack comes separately in the box, and it attaches to him via four plastic pegs that fit into holes in two rubber straps, and it’s secured in place with two tiny buckles. He comes with his gun, as well as with the standard Sideshow-style Star Wars display base, round and black with the Star Wars logo on it. This one also has a separate circular rubber snow piece you can put on top of the base (as shown in the photos) to theme the display.

I’ve always thought the Snowtroopers had really cool uniforms, and it wasn’t until I got this guy out to start taking pictures that I realized how much he kind of resembles a Ku Klux Klansman. That was my uncomfortable and disconcerting moment of the day. George Lucas and Ralph McQuarrie did use Nazi uniforms as touchstones for designing the Imperial officers’ uniforms, so who knows?

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