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In the spirit of full disclosure, I wanted to point out that I’ve been going back and adding Amazon links to a lot of the collectibles posts I’ve been making. I’ve gotten questions from a number of folks about where they can find some of the statues and figures I’ve been posting, and this seems like a pretty straightforward way to answer those questions. Some of the stuff in my collection is so limited that it’s not really available much of anywhere anymore. Other things are pretty common and still can be nabbed at Amazon or elsewhere. For the items I’ve been able to find as current listings on Amazon, I’m inserting link buttons to direct you to those products. That’ll help direct anybody who wants to get something I’ve featured for their own collection, and I’ll also get a couple of bucks from Amazon if they’re able to complete any sales I send their way. Dolla dolla bills, y’all.


I very nearly forgot to post a new collectible today, breaking my daily streak and completely ruining my Project 365 aspirations. As luck would have it, I remembered with less than an hour left in the day, and I grabbed these old photos I took a long time ago of my Darth Maul maquette from Gentle Giant. Hopefully I’ll manage to snap some new shots of another piece tomorrow!

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Quantum Mechanix came out with this Teal’c animated statue from Stargate SG-1 a while back, and I really wish they would continue the line. The Stargate franchise is full of characters that would make awesome collectibles in this style, but so far Teal’c is the only one they’ve done. They have made some other non-animated Stargate collectibles, but I’m still holding out hope for cartoony versions of O’Neill, Carter, and Jackson.

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I have featured a lot more statues and busts than action figures during my collectibles Project 365. That’s not because I have more of the statues but rather than action figures take longer to photograph, due to their range of poses, scale, and assorted accessories. Today’s feature is an action figure, though, another from Sideshow Collectibles’ Star Wars line. This guy is the Sandtroper Sergeant: Tatooine figure and comes with a whole ton of parts and pieces, as shown laid out in one of the photos below.

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Here’s an old one that I somehow never got around to photographing until now. Black Cat was an early entry in the Bowen Designs Marvel mini-busts series, and she released way back in 2002. She was originally supposed to be limited to 6000 pieces, and that’s what her edition numbering lists. Only 5000 (still a huge number, compared to the edition runs you see these days) were actually made, though, and mine is #4839.

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I was planning to post an Eaglemoss figurine today since I haven’t done one here in a little while, and magically two new ones showed up. I’ll be posting the other one in the next few days, but the one for today is Spider-Man 2099. And if you’re wondering whether your vision is going bad, please don’t. After I got the photos off the camera I realized the one above this text is out of focus. By that time, I’d already stowed away Spidey and turned off the camera and lights, so I just have to live with a blurry Spiderface. At least the rest of him is in focus, I guess? Right?

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I’ve been working my way chronologically backwards through the releases in the DC Comics Cover Girls series, in order to get caught up on all the statues I own but haven’t yet photographed. This is the next one, the Raven statue featuring the character with her New 52 look. Raven came out in 2012 and, thanks to her levitating on a translucent base and unfurling her giant cloak, is one of the largest pieces in the series to date. The base and figure come in the box as two separate pieces, and Raven’s foot attaches to the base with a metal pin.

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Sideshow Collectibles has a fantastic line of Marvel superheroines and villains designed by comic artist Adam Hughes. I’ve managed to collect all the pieces in the series to date, but this is the first one I’ve posted here. This photo set is from September of 2009, but I still like the way these shots turned out, so I didn’t feel the need to reshoot this statue.

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I’m not much of a Disney fan. I don’t really have anything against Disney, aside from generally being sick of most things Disney thanks to my having lived in Orlando for nearly a decade. Disney’s animated movies just don’t really interest me, so it kind of makes sense that my all-time favorite Disney movie is one of the least popular: The Black Cauldron. I saw the movie in the theater when it first released, and I credit that experience with my lifelong interest in fantasy. I hadn’t read The Chronicles of Prydain at that time, so I didn’t know about or care about how different the movie was from the books. I simply knew that I was watching something seriously cool, and it would end up being one of a handful of life changing movies for me. I haven’t collected any of the millions of Disney animated collectibles, but when Grand Jester released this Horned King from The Black Cauldron, I knew I had to have him. I still hold out hope for more cool Black Cauldron merchandise, but for now I’m happy with my crazy skeleton dude popping out of a pot.

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Celeste and I are big BioShock fans, so we preordered the Ultimate Songbird Edition of BioShock Infinite as soon as it went up on Amazon, before we knew anything about the game. We weren’t positive we wanted to drop $150 on the game, though, so we also rented the regular game from Gamefly so we could play through it before we decided whether to keep the ultimate box. Suffice to say that the decision to keep the uber edition wasn’t a hard one to make after we each finished our first playthroughs of the game. The biggest selling point of the collector’s edition is a big statue of Songbird, a key character / monster / thing in the game, and I’m really glad we’ve added him into our collection. We are planning to put together a separate BioShock collectibles display area in our living room, but for now we have this guy hanging out in the Buffy library playset, which we kind of are pretending is Elizabeth’s library.

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