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It’s been a while since I posted a Star Wars 12″ figure, so here’s my Han Solo Tatooine Smuggler from Sideshow Collectibles. He comes in the classic black vest outfit from A New Hope, and the figure includes a pair of interchangeable gloved hands, two guns, and the standard Sideshow Star Wars display base.

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Whoa, Flickr changed their whole site today! I just paid $25 to renew my Pro membership there last night, and now it sounds like everything I was paying for (plus more) is free for everyone today. Awesome timing, Flickr. While I was figuring out what all has changed there and how it affects my 3,000+ photos, I didn’t have the time to take new pictures for today’s feature, so here are some colorful shots of the Phantom Lady bust from the Women of DC series.

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When I posted photos of my Elektra Bishoujo Statue I mentioned that Elektra is one of my all time favorite comics characters. As evidence in the case to support that assertion, I present the fact that a disproportionately large part of my collection is made of Elektra pieces of various types and sizes. This is one of the smaller scaled ones, part of the short lived Marvel Icons bust series that was made by Diamond Select Toys. I took photos of this one several years ago, just to post in my Flickr account, but I wasn’t happy with how they turned out, so I shot the bust again today.

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Just like Doctor Who fans have “their” Doctor, the one incarnation of the character that most personifies the overall entity and franchise for them, I have “my” Green Lantern, and he is Hal Jordan. I grew up watching Super Friends and playing with my DC action figures, and those were the superheroes I knew throughout the first part of my life. Later, when I realized some other folks were Green Lanterns as well, I was flummoxed. Hal Jordan 4 EVA, mostly due to nostalgia but also due to his clearly being the best Green Lantern.

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Just a quick update today, because I was busy seeing Star Trek and working and doing other time devouring stuff. This is the Mary Marvel bust from DC Direct’s Women of the DC Universe series. I took these photos a few years ago after she first came out.

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I have a lot of Wonder Woman stuff in my collection, and this is one of my favorites. There’s never been a big budget live action Wonder Woman movie, but in 2009 there was an animated movie with Keri Russell voicing Wonder Woman and co-starring Nathan Fillion and a bunch of other people. I have yet to see the movie, but this maquette was the coolest piece of merchandising released to accompany it. I’m a sucker for animated style statues anyway, and this one is exceptionally well done.

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I really loved the first two Mass Effect games and then felt extremely let down by everything other than the surprisingly brilliant multiplayer mode in Mass Effect 3. Consequently, the franchise faded off my radar for a while. This week Kotobukiya shipped their newest Mass Effect Bishoujo statue, and it’s so badass that I think I might be able to forgive the game series for some of the trespasses of the third installment. The first thing I really like about this piece is that the box presents her as Commander Shepard. Not as Female Commander Shepard or Femshep or any of the other nonsense people use to qualify the sex of this character. If you chose to play Mass Effect as a female, you didn’t run around space introducing yourself with, “Hi, I’m Femshep.” You were Commander Shepard, just as validly as anybody who played as a male was, and this statue owns that fact in a way that most other releases featuring this character haven’t done.

The second notable thing here is that the statue has a poseable head. Other entries in the Bishoujo line have had interchangeable heads and parts, but as far as I can remember this is the first time one of them has had an honestly poseable feature. It works really well for different display angles, as you can see in the photos below. Further customizing the statue, you can swap out Shepard’s left arm so that she can be holding her gun or an omni-tool, effectively allowing you to make your Shepard a soldier or a biotic. The third swappable bit is that you can switch out plastic inserts in her base to show either the Paragon or Renegade logo, depending on whether your Shepard likes to punch reporters.

Overall, this is one of the best pieces Koto has done in the Bishoujo line. Interestingly, she’s also one of the least sexed-up statues in the series.

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When the Watchmen movie came out, DC Direct released a line of action figures and busts based on the movie costumes of the characters. In a rare occasion when I didn’t feel compelled to collect the whole series of something, I only got the Rorschach figure and bust. The bust has Rorschach with his grapnel gun, and the base shows the countdown clock on one side and Rorschach’s signature on the other.

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This is the first of the three (so far) Batman busts that DC has released in their ongoing Heroes of DC series. The other two are a New 52 version and a Black Lantern version, both of which are sure to show up here with photos eventually. I really like the design of this one a lot, from the gargoyle base to the bat grapnel dangling from a wire cable.

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The final release in Eaglemoss’s Classic Marvel Figurine Collection finally has arrived! This is the two hundredth standard figure in the line, Hela. They definitely saved they craziest headpiece for last. Hela is in scale with the other standard-size characters in the series, but because of her giant headpiece and cape she’s a bit larger than most of the others.

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