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Here’s Wiccan! On weekends he hangs out with Buddhist, Christian, and Muslim. They’ve formed a superhero team called the New Spirituals.

That might be amusing, but no, he’s actually part of the Young Avengers. I just started getting caught up on the newest Young Avengers comic series this week, and it’s surprisingly good stuff–possibly my favorite series that has come out of the whole Marvel Now promotion so far.

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A long while back I posted photos of the Supergirl bust based on Amanda Conner’s designs, and today’s collectible is from the same series but based on what has come to be something of a signature character for her, Power Girl! Power Girl is a character that would be very easy to marginalize with her ultra cheesecakey costume design and overall silliness, but Conner has done some really great stuff to make her relevant in DC and in comics in general. Sometime I’ll post pictures of the other Women of DC Power Girl bust that was designed by Adam Hughes, but this Amanda Conner one handily trumps his.

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“How silly is that one?” you ask me. “A superhero woman dressed up like a bird?” “Oho,” I say, “That’s where you’re wrong! She’s an… alien… who comes from a… race of, um… bird people…” And that’s when you shake your head and walk away.

But hey! At least I’m one figurine closer to completing my Classic Marvel set from Eaglemoss!

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The first thing you should know about today’s collectible is that I didn’t buy it, and it probably never would have been in the collection if I hadn’t received it for free. The second thing you should know is that Play Arts Kai toys are really, really cool. This is the first PAK figure I’ve owned, and even though I’m not crazy about this particular figure, I think it’s made me a fan of the toy line. Play Arts Kai toys are made by Square Enix, and they are deluxe figures with tons of poseability and lots of cool detailing and accessories. They make toys based on every property from Batman and Superman to Mass Effect and Metal Gear Solid. The really neat thing about posing these figures is that the joints click to hold instead of smoothly turning. That lets you pose the figures dynamically without having to worry about the body parts shifting around.

I’m a big fan of the Arkham video games, and this Batman comes from Arkham City. It’s an alternate version of the playable Batman, though, based on the art of Frank Miller from the Dark Knight Returns comic series. If you can’t tell from these photos or from prior knowledge of comic stuff, Frank Miller draws really weird looking superheroes. His style works for stuff like Sin City, but I’ve never liked the way he draws Batman and other mainstream heroes. Just look at those thunder bat thighs. Just look! Still, having this figure gives me a new respect for PAK toys, and now I want to have some more of them!

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Today’s statue is the very first piece from DC Direct’s Cover Girls of DC series, from back in 2009. This Wonder Woman was based on the art of Adam Hughes and is limited to 5000 pieces worldwide. She has a lasso made of inflexible wire, and her circular base would set the standard for all the heroine and villainess statues DC released from that point through the beginning of the New 52 series.

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If you think I’m posting pics I took several years ago because I was busy today and didn’t get a chance to take new photos of a collectible, you would be correct! This is the Doomsday deluxe scale figurine from Eaglemoss’s DC Superhero Collection. I likely will be posting some more Eaglemoss figurines later this week, but those will be new pictures, as the very last of the Marvel line is about to come out.

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Elektra is my favorite comics heroine, and I really like this Bishoujo piece Kotobukiya put out. Elektra comes with her two sais, both of which are removable from her hands, and she’s standing on a tiled roof base that has a little Daredevil face as a gargoyle-type sculpture. Koto cast Elektra’s hair to fade out to transparency like they’ve done with a lot of their other releases in this line, and it looks really good when lit. They also did a great job with her flowing ribbons and fabric, all of which are made from a flexible plastic.

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The Antimonitor is one of the deluxe figurine releases in Eaglemoss’s DC Superhero collection. I got him a few years ago and decided to feature him today since I haven’t had time to photograph any new collectibles for today’s Project 365 post.

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This Poison Ivy statue is the predecessor to the New 52 Ivy I posted previously. This one was in the first series of Cover Girls of DC collectibles that released and is based on the art of Adam Hughes, like a lot of the other Marvel and DC pieces I have in my collection. Ivy is limited to 7000 pieces and comes with a shovel accessory that attaches onto the base with a pin and socket.

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This Dagger comiquette came out from Sideshow Collectibles in 2009, and I was able to snag the exclusive version that came with a limited edition print of the artwork. It’s based on the art of Mark Brooks, and he did a few other Marvel pieces for Sideshow that I’ll be featuring here later. I took these pictures a while back, and unfortunately Dagger hasn’t been on display for a while. She’s still sitting in her box, waiting for me to figure out a proper display space for her in our current house, but we’ll get there eventually.

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