Hey, I uploaded something onto the Yoo-Toobs! Deep Silver sent a copy of Dead Island: Riptide to Fandomania for us to review. I covered the game with a text review yesterday, and today I uploaded my video review. Check it out, and watch me chop up the undead.

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I reviewed the new Kalypso game, Omerta: City of Gangsters, this week on Fandomania, and to supplement the written review I recorded myself playing the first 45 minutes of the game with commentary. It’s a gangland strategy game set in Prohibition era Atlantic City. Or, as I like to call it, it’s a Nucky Thompson simulator. It doesn’t quite reach the dramatic heights of Boardwalk Empire, but it does provide some silly fun. You can read my full review over at Fandomania, or you can just check out the gameplay here.

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What’s this? A non-collectibles post?! I’ve been messing around with some video capture software and techniques in order to make video reviews of games for Fandomania. After professing my addiction to FTL numerous times on Twitter, Facebook, the podcast, and elsewhere, I decided to make a test video of myself firing up the game and taking it for a spin. This video is my first run at a gaming commentary video and isn’t as polished as the official stuff I’m doing for Fandomania will be. Still, it turned out decently for a tech demo, and it might turn some new players on to one of 2012’s best games, so I decided to go ahead and post it. I plan to follow up with some additional videos to follow the rest of my progress through this game session of FTL. For now, here’s part one.

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Photo credit to Dice Hate Me

I recently added a HD webcam to my arsenal of computer appendages. I picked up the Logitech C920 and have been messing around with it to figure out how all the features work. I wanted to make a proper video to see how YouTube-easy it was, so I also grabbed the AVS Video Editor and shot a how-to video. I’ll be using this clip as part of an article on Fandomania this coming week, but I wanted to go ahead and show it off on its own now. I had to use two different microphones, so the audio quality changes a minute or so into the video. I’ll be trying to figure out a better way to handle that in the future, and I’ll also be investigating better lighting and how to keep the camera from refocusing all the time. That said, I’m pretty happy with the results. Check it out, and let me teach you how to play the board and dice game King of Tokyo:

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