In the spirit of full disclosure, I wanted to point out that I’ve been going back and adding Amazon links to a lot of the collectibles posts I’ve been making. I’ve gotten questions from a number of folks about where they can find some of the statues and figures I’ve been posting, and this seems like a pretty straightforward way to answer those questions. Some of the stuff in my collection is so limited that it’s not really available much of anywhere anymore. Other things are pretty common and still can be nabbed at Amazon or elsewhere. For the items I’ve been able to find as current listings on Amazon, I’m inserting link buttons to direct you to those products. That’ll help direct anybody who wants to get something I’ve featured for their own collection, and I’ll also get a couple of bucks from Amazon if they’re able to complete any sales I send their way. Dolla dolla bills, y’all.

Yesterday we received our press pass confirmations for MegaCon 2012, so we’ll be back there again this year. MegaCon is held in Orlando at the Orange County Convention Center each year, and it’s a multimedia con but has a pretty strong focus on comic books. I’ve seen a pretty big anime presence there in the past few years, but I tend to steer clear of that programming.

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Welcome to my new blog! My previous personal site was hosted on WordPress on a server at GoDaddy, along with a few of my other websites. GoDaddy’s quality of hosting never has been the greatest, but it’s been in rapid decline for the past year. I’d been checking around for alternatives but kept delaying the inevitable move until I saw that GoDaddy’s CEO gets his jollies by murdering elephants. That lit a fire under me, and I finally settled on a new web host. My old hosting account at GoDaddy was set for renewal on April 10, 2011. That gave me a deadline for moving everything over and setting up a new site.

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Assassins Creed Altair Action Figure 008 Assassins Creed Altair Action Figure 006 Assassins Creed Altair Action Figure 010 Walter as Heisenberg - Breaking Bad Action Figure Walter as Heisenberg - Breaking Bad Action Figure Walter as Heisenberg - Breaking Bad Action Figure Harley Quinn – Cover Girls of DC Statue Harley Quinn – Cover Girls of DC Statue Harley Quinn – Cover Girls of DC Statue Mystique - Marvel Comics Bishoujo Statue Mystique - Marvel Comics Bishoujo Statue Indigo-1 - Blackest Night Bust