Yesterday we received our press pass confirmations for MegaCon 2012, so we’ll be back there again this year. MegaCon is held in Orlando at the Orange County Convention Center each year, and it’s a multimedia con but has a pretty strong focus on comic books. I’ve seen a pretty big anime presence there in the past few years, but I tend to steer clear of that programming.

MegaCon is the convention where Celeste and I first met, back when I was running the Joss Whedon programming track as part of the staff. After we got together and created Fandomania, we’ve gone back each year as media and have done some good coverage for the website. I’ve been checking out this year’s guest list, and they have quite a few great folks signed up to appear. In the past we’ve tried to set up podcast interviews in advance, but those usually fall through at the last minute due to guest illness, scheduling conflicts, or miscommunication. The only interview we’ve scheduled in advance at MegaCon and actually conducted successfully was with comics creator Chris Claremont back in 2009, whose cell number I just realized I accidentally still have in my phone. All the rest of the interviews we’ve done there have resulted from just running into the guests and managing to grab a few minutes with the person.

Blast from the past... Me with Farscape actors backstage at MegaCon 2007!

There are a lot of people we’d like to talk to at the 2012 show, and I sent off requests to the first four last night. Hopefully we’ll be able to schedule at least one or two of those ahead of time, but I kind of expect that we’ll need to do a lot of off-the-cuff interviewing at the last minute, like we usually do. In addition to the folks we’re hoping to talk to, there will be a few Fandomania alums in attendance. Peter Jurasik and Stephen Furst are two of the guests at this year’s MegaCon. We’ve interviewed both of them in the past, and they both are every bit as awesome as one would hope. I doubt we’ll be trying to get them on the podcast again at this event, but I’m hoping we’ll at least be able to catch up with them off-recorder.

In addition to getting coverage for Fandomania, I’m also looking forward to just checking out the festivities. We won’t be at Dragon*Con this year, so MegaCon is one of the very few events we’ll be attending in 2012. Anybody else looking forward to this one?

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