At the end of July I decided to get in better shape by making myself get out and run. I was in pretty blah shape, so the initial stages of that were mostly walking and staggering, but I made myself do it. After consulting you folks, I ended up finding the Runtastic app and linking it between my phone and their website. Since then I’ve been doing a good job of keeping up with my runs / walks. I’ve been going out no less than once every other day, but I really try to do it every single day.

I’ve been sticking to the same route the whole time, which is a circuit through our neighborhood that cuts into a throughway street. I’m planning eventually to get rid of that part of the route and just circle the whole subdivision. For now, though, I’m running the same way each time, which Runtastic says is 1.13 miles.

I take my iPod with me, and until this past weekend was catching up on Welcome to Night Vale during the circuit. I finished the newest episode of that, so now I’m back to my old standard podcast listening, starting with the most recent CAGCast for today’s run.


Over time I am trying to reduce the amount of time I spend walking and increase the amount of time I spent running, in an effort to get my heart rate up and to better my overall endurance. It seems to be working, as I’m running about twice as much now as I was when I started, and I no longer feel dead when I get home. The temperature (currently in the high 90s) is a complicating factor, so I do tend to arrive home drenched in sweat, but I actually feel pretty good after running now. My legs definitely are stronger, I’ve stopped getting blisters on my feet, and I’m kind of surprised that I can feel my arms and core strengthening as well. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to meet my goal of doing this year’s Dragon Con without getting tired out from all the walking and standing, based on these results.

For my own reference, I Photoshopped up some of my Runtastic results, so I’m showing them off here. The image at the top shows the stats from my first day on the left and from today on the right. The map image toward the middle is my run route (in red). I added blue to the areas where I run now. Eventually I want that whole thing to be blue.

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