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I’ve posted several of the Bishoujo statues created by Kotobukiya, and I have quite a few more in that series that haven’t shown up on here quite yet. I’m going to be working my way through photographing all of them during this Project 365, and here is Mystique. She comes with a circular clear plastic display base, but I took these pictures without using it. It’s a little bit of an underwhelming base, as it doesn’t have any sort of theming or decoration and basically just takes up space under and around the figure. Mystique herself is really well done, though. The gun in her hand is removable, and the skull belt is attached separate from the rest of the figure, so you can move, rotate, and shift it around to display in the position you like.

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I’m a big fan of Kotobukiya’s bishoujo statue series, and their newest release is Kitty Pryde, part of the Marvel line. Kitty comes with her loyal dragon buddy Lockheed, and you can display her with or without him clipped onto her arm. I like Kitty a lot, and I like this series, but there’s something just sort of blah about this one. It might be that there’s nothing distinctively Kitty about this statue, aside from the costume and the dragon. Her face doesn’t really look like Kitty Pryde, and she definitely isn’t in any pose Kitty would be caught dead doing. What is that pose, anyway? Generic anime “oh my” canter #453? It’s not a terrible collectible, and I’m glad to have it in my collection, but I wish it had a little more of the character in it, even at the expense of the cutesy overload they were going for.

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The newest character in Kotobukiya’s Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Bishoujo series is Lili, just released this week. She comes with the standard clear disc display base that the other Tekken figures in this line have. You can pull the bottom off the base to insert one of three translucent plastic sheets to decorate the base. One just has the Tekken logo, one has the concept art for the figure, and one has the statue designer’s signature.

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I really loved the first two Mass Effect games and then felt extremely let down by everything other than the surprisingly brilliant multiplayer mode in Mass Effect 3. Consequently, the franchise faded off my radar for a while. This week Kotobukiya shipped their newest Mass Effect Bishoujo statue, and it’s so badass that I think I might be able to forgive the game series for some of the trespasses of the third installment. The first thing I really like about this piece is that the box presents her as Commander Shepard. Not as Female Commander Shepard or Femshep or any of the other nonsense people use to qualify the sex of this character. If you chose to play Mass Effect as a female, you didn’t run around space introducing yourself with, “Hi, I’m Femshep.” You were Commander Shepard, just as validly as anybody who played as a male was, and this statue owns that fact in a way that most other releases featuring this character haven’t done.

The second notable thing here is that the statue has a poseable head. Other entries in the Bishoujo line have had interchangeable heads and parts, but as far as I can remember this is the first time one of them has had an honestly poseable feature. It works really well for different display angles, as you can see in the photos below. Further customizing the statue, you can swap out Shepard’s left arm so that she can be holding her gun or an omni-tool, effectively allowing you to make your Shepard a soldier or a biotic. The third swappable bit is that you can switch out plastic inserts in her base to show either the Paragon or Renegade logo, depending on whether your Shepard likes to punch reporters.

Overall, this is one of the best pieces Koto has done in the Bishoujo line. Interestingly, she’s also one of the least sexed-up statues in the series.

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Elektra is my favorite comics heroine, and I really like this Bishoujo piece Kotobukiya put out. Elektra comes with her two sais, both of which are removable from her hands, and she’s standing on a tiled roof base that has a little Daredevil face as a gargoyle-type sculpture. Koto cast Elektra’s hair to fade out to transparency like they’ve done with a lot of their other releases in this line, and it looks really good when lit. They also did a great job with her flowing ribbons and fabric, all of which are made from a flexible plastic.

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Time for another Bishoujo statue from Kotobukiya! This time it’s Sue Storm, aka the Invisible Woman from the Fantastic Four. Kotobukiya likes incorporating translucent elements into their collectibles, and this character provided the perfect opportunity for them. They have her standing in some sort of monster’s hand and in the middle of turning invisible while building her force field around herself. I’m not quite sure why she’s striking an “Ain’t I cute?” pose while in the midst of a surely dire situation, but hey, that’s Japanese toymakers for you.

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Ever wonder what Wolverine would look like as a teenage girl? No? Well, too bad! Marvel already figured it out for you. X-23 is a genetic clone of Wolverine, and as gimmicky as that notion is, she actually turned out to be a really cool character. I have several X-23 pieces in my collection, and this is the second I’ve posted as part of my collectibles Project 365, following up the Bowen Designs X-23 statue I posted last month. This one is part of the Marvel bishoujo line from Kotobukiya, featuring anime-inspired designs of Western comic and pop culture characters.

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Today brings another entry in Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo statue series. This past week, Jaycee from Tekken Tag Tournament 2 arrived in the US and joined the growing Bishoujo collection. Jaycee comes with the clear circular stand that is a standard for the TTT2 statues, and, like the others in the series, she has several interchangeable discs you can put into the display base to change up the way she displays. This one comes with one disc signed by the designer and two featuring the Jaycee concept art (one with her mask on and one without). She also has two interchangeable heads so that you can display her with or without her mask. If you display her without the mask, there’s an additional optional mask in the box that clips onto her hand so that she can hold it while not wearing it.

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I’m following up yesterday’s Catwoman post with her feline fatale counterpart at Marvel Comics. It really is kind of funny, the number of parallels you can find between Catwoman and Black Cat. Both are sultry female jewel theives, both dress in tight black catsuits, and both alternate between antagonist and romantic interest for the male hero (Batman at DC and Spider-Man at Marvel). This Black Cat bishoujo statue came out a while back, but this is the first time I’ve gotten around to photographing it.

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I’ve always liked Storm, but Halle Berry kind of ruined her for me for a long time after her abysmal acting in the X-Men movies. I finally managed to get past that and start liking Storm again, and now Halle’s back to wreck her for the next new X-Men movie. Can’t a superheroine catch a break? This Storm came out last year as part of Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo Marvel series. Like some of the other figures in this line, her design incorporates in some translucent elements, such as the cyclone base she’s standing on. She also comes with two pairs of interchangeable hands so that you can display her normally or with her lightning powers at full blast. And by the way… What’s up with Storm’s hipbones in this statue? You could hurt somebody with those things!

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