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Black Widow was one of the first few Marvel characters to be featured in the Kotobukiya Bishoujo statue series a few years ago, and they produced her in the then-standard smaller scale to fit with the other Marvel figures in the line at that time. At some point the Bishoujo line increased its scale, and some of the earlier characters got remakes with completely new sculpts. This Black Widow is scaled in the new larger size and was released as the “Covert Ops” version. She comes with a cool display base that includes a small brick wall she’s either about to jump over or hide behind, and there’s also a Daredevil mask that fits alongside the wall for display. You can switch out her right hand so that it’s empty or carrying a huge rifle, and both attach easily via a peg at the wrist.

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I’ve been wrapped up in building a new computer all of yesterday and today, so I nearly didn’t have time to take pictures of any collectibles. I didn’t want to break my Project 365 stride, though, so I managed to snap some shots of this one while Windows was installing on this shiny new beast. Agent G is the latest addition to Kotobukiya’s bishoujo statue series and the first (and possibly only) character in the line inspired by Men in Black. Like the Ghostbusters bishoujo statue that came out a while back, this one reimagines the design elements of the franchise into an original piece. Agent G comes with two interchangeable right hands, one holding a gun and the other holding that thing from Men in Black that looks like a sonic screwdriver but isn’t a sonic screwdriver. She also comes with removable sunglasses, which I didn’t notice until I’d already finished doing the photo shoot.

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In addition to Star Wars, Marvel, and DC, Kotobukiya also has incorporated the Tekken fighting games into their bishoujo statue line. Like the other releases, these figures are designed by artist Shunya Yamashita and portray the characters of the Tekken franchise in anime’d up styles. The newest character featured in the line is Asuka Kazama, and she comes with a clear disc display base like other recent entries in the line. Like the Jaina Solo and other bishoujo pieces, Asuka’s base is customizable, coming with three different transparent inserts you can slide into the hard plastic housing (one with the artist’s signature, one with the Tekken logo, and the one I’ve displayed, which includes a bit of the concept art for the statue).

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Yep, it’s another Harley Quinn today! I’ve been posting collectibles showing Harley in her newer-version costumes, so I decided to go back to her classic look for today’s collectible. This is the Harley Quinn Bishoujo statue, released by Kotobukiya last year. It comes with two interchangeable faces for Harley that you can swap out using magnets attached to the back of each face. The face swapping is a little strange, as both faces included have exactly the same sculpture and expression. The only difference between the two is that one has Harley’s face painted white, and the other has her face unpainted, just in a natural skin tone. The Caucasian skin tones on these Bishoujo statues tend to be very light, so even the “unpainted” face is pretty close to white, making the difference between the two faces almost unnoticeable. I took photos of both faces in the same shot pose for comparison, but I prefer the white painted face, so that’s the one I used for all the other photos.

Also of note is that I picked up a bunch of new backgrounds on the cheap at the hobby store today, because some of the ones I’ve been using for the last several years have started to show their age. I was able to replace the old ones with new ones in the same color, but I also managed to find a few colors I’ve never used before (like the pink in these pics).

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Power Girl is another superhero featured in Kotobukiya’s DC Comics Bishoujo line. Her design for this series is arranged by Japanese artist Shunya Yamashita, and her costume is based on the classic Power Girl look. All the Bishoujo DC characters so far have gone with the classic costumes, instead of the New 52 looks.

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One of the newest licenses brought into Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo statue series is Star Wars. Being a collector of this particular figure series and a lifelong Star Wars devotee, it’s a no-brainer that this one would make its way into my collection. In the Star Wars Expanded Universe (that is, the stuff from the books and comics but not from the movies), Jaina Solo is one of Han and Leia’s kids. She’s a Jedi and also an ace X-Wing pilot. The statue comes with Jaina’s helmet, pilot uniform, and lightsaber, as well as a round customizable disc base. Unsurprisingly, this Star Wars piece is less overtly provocative than the other statues in the Koto Bishoujo series.

The background used in the above image (also linked in the gallery) originated from Roberts Space Industries.

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Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo line takes Western comic book and pop culture characters and translates them into a slick anime style. I’m not huge into anime or even most anime styles, but I really like the quality of the Bishoujo line and have been collecting some of them as they released. Among the licenses Koto has acquired is DC Comics, and their newest DC release is this Huntress statue. She comes on a reflective base with a gargoyle prop, and her staff comes packed in with her. The staff separates into two pieces so that you can fit it into her hands, and then it rejoins invisibly for display.

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