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It’s been a little while since I posted one of my Eaglemoss figurines, so here are shots of one of the bad guys from the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection. This one is called Leader and probably is an obscure one if you just follow the Marvel movies and not the comics.

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The final release in Eaglemoss’s Classic Marvel Figurine Collection finally has arrived! This is the two hundredth standard figure in the line, Hela. They definitely saved they craziest headpiece for last. Hela is in scale with the other standard-size characters in the series, but because of her giant headpiece and cape she’s a bit larger than most of the others.

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Here’s Wiccan! On weekends he hangs out with Buddhist, Christian, and Muslim. They’ve formed a superhero team called the New Spirituals.

That might be amusing, but no, he’s actually part of the Young Avengers. I just started getting caught up on the newest Young Avengers comic series this week, and it’s surprisingly good stuff–possibly my favorite series that has come out of the whole Marvel Now promotion so far.

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“How silly is that one?” you ask me. “A superhero woman dressed up like a bird?” “Oho,” I say, “That’s where you’re wrong! She’s an… alien… who comes from a… race of, um… bird people…” And that’s when you shake your head and walk away.

But hey! At least I’m one figurine closer to completing my Classic Marvel set from Eaglemoss!

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Eaglemoss is still trickling out the last few pieces in their Classic Marvel Figurine Collection, and Firelord arrived today. He’s in scale with the rest of the standard line but is a little taller than most of the other figurines because his staff sticks up. Of course, the staff showed up a little bent, which is par for the course with thin accessory pieces on these figurines. They’re made of metal, so it’s possible to carefully bend the rod back into place, but I didn’t take the time to do that before snapping these photos. Sorry for the crooked pole.

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This past week, the final deluxe scale figure in Eaglemoss’s Classic Marvel Figurine Collection released. This is a collectible line that has been running for many years, and it’s finally winding down. There are still two or three standard scale releases that will be coming, but Skurge is the last of the supersized ones. Eaglemoss has ended their standard DC and Marvel series but now is making DC Chess figurines and Batmobile replicas. I am not collecting either of those lines, but you can bet I’ll jump back in if they revive either of these main series or pick up another license I care about (Star Wars, anybody?).

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I was planning to post an Eaglemoss figurine today since I haven’t done one here in a little while, and magically two new ones showed up. I’ll be posting the other one in the next few days, but the one for today is Spider-Man 2099. And if you’re wondering whether your vision is going bad, please don’t. After I got the photos off the camera I realized the one above this text is out of focus. By that time, I’d already stowed away Spidey and turned off the camera and lights, so I just have to live with a blurry Spiderface. At least the rest of him is in focus, I guess? Right?

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Time for another entry in the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection from Eaglemoss! This time the featured character is Hercules, who was #68 in the series. I realized that I haven’t really given a good sense of scale for these particular figurines, so a lot of you probably are looking at these things and thinking they’re just crappily painted statues. While they are indeed often crappily painted, they are pretty tiny, usually around the size of a chess piece. This Hercules, for example is around 3 3/4″ tall, from the top of his head to the bottom of the base. When you look at them from the proper distance (that is, not zoomed all the heck in with a digital SLR) they end up looking pretty cool. I hope to have a nice display eventually where I can put all of them up and take some group photos to give a better sense of what they’re supposed to look like. For now you’ll just have to put up with my zoomed in macro pics.

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Moonstone is the latest addition to Eaglemoss’s Classic Marvel Figurine Collection to hit the US. She’s figurine #194 in the miniature series, leaving only six more standard releases before the end of the line. It’ll be sort of sad to see the series end after this long a run, but I’ll finally be able to figure out a proper way to display the full set once I know no more will be coming out.

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Here’s the first member of the Fantastic Four I’ve posted from the Eaglemoss Classic Marvel Figurine Collection. I think this might be the only Reed Richards I have in my whole collection (if you don’t count HeroClix). That’s not too surprising, because I’ve always thought Mr. Fantastic was kind of an insufferably jerky dude. He’s one of the big brains of the Marvel Universe, but Bruce Banner, Tony Stark, and even Reed’s daughter Valeria are much more enjoyable Marvel geniuses than Reed is.

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