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The Joker is one of DC’s most iconic villains, and he’s been through a lot of varying looks over the years. He started out as a maniacal but whimsical figure, but over time he’s transformed into a grotesque psychopath. The most recent Joker comic book stories have him running around with his own face stapled back on after he asked the Dollmaker to cut it off while incarcerated at Arkham. It’s pretty messed up stuff. This recent bust of the Joker is plenty sinister but lacks the grossness the character has gained over the years, and it’s probably my favorite Joker piece in my collection.

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Today’s collectible is another miniature in the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection, Vance Astro. Because of the small scale of these figures, every once in a while I end up with a character that has some molding flaws and paint inconsistencies, and that’s what happened with Vance. He doesn’t look the greatest upon close inspection (ie: taking his photo with a digital SLR camera), but he looks okay from afar, as he’ll be viewed when he’s on display with the rest of the collection. I admit I don’t know that much about Vance Astro and just have him in order to help complete my CMF collection. I do know that he’s a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, who are making their way to theaters as Marvel’s Next Big Thing, so I’m sure we’ll all know more about him in a couple of years.

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Arkham City is the second game in Rocksteady’s fantastic Batman video game series, and it presents some unique and twisted versions of classic Batman heroes and villains. One of the most iconic redesigns is Harley Quinn, the Joker’s insane cohort. DC has been releasing the Arkham City versions of the characters as full-scale statues, comparable in size to their Cover Girls of the DC Universe line, and Harley is the most recent to hit stores. These pieces are uniquely noirish in their presentation and painting, with most of them being almost monochromatic, except for one or two highlight colors. The end result is a statue that looks sort of Sin City-ish but that still fits into displays alongside DC’s previous full-color releases.

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One of the collectible lines I’ve been following consistently for the longest time is Eaglemoss’ Classic Marvel Figurine Collection. They started the line several years ago with Spider-Man and have released over two hundred different Marvel characters so far. All the figurines in the line are miniature sculpts, most cast from lead but some from lighter materials. They are very small in scale (most are around 3″ to 3.5″ tall), so the castings and paint jobs aren’t as detailed and refined as in larger scale pieces I collect. Still, I really love these little guys. A subset of the overall series is a Specials line that has released some of the physically larger Marvel characters (like the Hulk and Rhino) in scale with the normal-sized characters. Both the main and Specials lines are drawing to a close over the coming month, and the next-to-last Special recently released. Here are my pics of that penultimate figurine, The Avengers’ Henry Pym as Giant Man.

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Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo line takes Western comic book and pop culture characters and translates them into a slick anime style. I’m not huge into anime or even most anime styles, but I really like the quality of the Bishoujo line and have been collecting some of them as they released. Among the licenses Koto has acquired is DC Comics, and their newest DC release is this Huntress statue. She comes on a reflective base with a gargoyle prop, and her staff comes packed in with her. The staff separates into two pieces so that you can fit it into her hands, and then it rejoins invisibly for display.

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DC Comics has made a lot of changes over the past couple of years, from rebranding their logo to rebooting their entire comic book universe with “New 52” versions of all their characters. One thing that has stayed constant is their regular releases of cool mini busts featuring the heroes and villains of the DC Universe, and their newest release is Booster Gold. Booster never got a classic-look bust release, but this new collectible has him in his New 52 costume and with the circular base that has been used for all the New 52 characters so far.

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