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This is another in Electric Tiki’s fantastic line of Buffy the Vampire Slayer animated statues. Most of the pieces in this line came out alongside variant versions, and I already have posted the Dark Willow variant of this one. Here’s the standard Willow, dressed in her outfit from the famous “bag of knives” scene from the “Tough Love” episode. The base has translucent pink resin that looks really cool when light shines through it. It sounds like Electric Tiki doesn’t have current plans to make more of the Buffy statues after the ones they’ve already produced, but I really hope they eventually do go back to the license for more.

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Electric Tiki created two versions of Buffy Summers in their Buffy the Vampire Slayer Tooned Up TV Maquettes series. This is the “Once More With Feeling” version, featuring Buffy in the outfit she wore in the musical episode of the TV show. She has interchangeable hands so that you can display her with different weapon props. The second Buffy is a Season 7 version, and I’ll post photos of her later.

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Earlier this month I posted photos of the Glory Tooned Up Maquette from Electric Tiki’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer line, and today I’m posting Dark Willow from that same line. Electric Tiki made two versions of Willow, and this was the variant one. I’ll put up shots of the regular edition later. I really like this whole line of animated style statues, and they look great displayed together. As I said in the Glory post, I still hold out hope for more additions to the lineup, but it’s been quite a while since a new one has come out.

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I’m an enormous Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, and I have a ton of Buffy pieces in my collection. This is the first I’ve featured here as part of my Project 365 (although I did post pics of Sideshow Collectibles’ Faith statue a while back), and I expect to be posting many more here in the coming months. This is the animated style Glory maquette, produced by Electric Tiki as part of their Tooned Up TV series. Glory is the main bad guy / gal in season 5 of the Buffy TV show, and it’s interesting that they chose to make her ahead of other more familiar characters like Angel or Giles. Still, she turned out looking great, and she comes holding the Dagon Sphere, a primary weapon in that season of the show. There were only 500 of this one made, and she’s turned out to be one of the hardest to find on the after-market.

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