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I’ve posted several of my Firefly and Serenity collectibles here, and today you get to see another one. This is the Kaylee maquette from Quantum Mechanix’s Big Damn Heroes line. She was the first release in this series, followed up by the River statue I posted previously. I’ve had this Kaylee piece for quite a while, but I just opened it up tonight for the first time to take the pictures. The statue comes in three pieces: Kaylee, the Serenity engine base she sits on, and the little wooden strawberry box Book gives her. Usually statue pieces fit together with magnets and / or peg systems that hold everything together and stabilize the overall statue. This one has none of that, and you just perch Kaylee and the box up on top of the engine for display. The main problem with that is that the engine has a rounded top, and Kaylee’s bottom is completely flat. That results in some pretty precarious perching, and she actually tumbled off the base at least four times while I was taking the photos. If you get this one and put her on display, I’d highly recommend making use of something like museum putty to keep her in place, especially if you live in an area that’s prone to earthquakes or tremors.

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The very first collectible I featured for my current collectibles Project 365 was the Inara maquette from Quantum Mechanix’s Firefly and Serenity line. I have all the Little Damn Heroes figurines that have been released to date, so I’m featuring the Jayne one today. He comes with his infamous hat, a cigar chomped in his mouth, and his beloved gun Vera clasped in his hands.

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Quantum Mechanix has the Firefly and Serenity licenses, and they have been putting out some really cool collectibles for the property, most notably the Little Damn Heroes line of mini-maquettes. A lesser known but equally awesome series they’re doing is the larger-scale Big Damn Heroes line that portrays the Serenity crew in iconic poses with slightly less cartoony likenesses. This River Tam statue is the first in that series, and they followed up with a Kaylee piece that I plan to photograph at some point during this whole Project 365 collectible thing I’m doing. River is limited to just 1500 numbered pieces and is based on the River-kicks-Reaver-butt scene from the Serenity movie.

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I’ve had trouble finding time to post here, but I’ve really wanted to keep my personal blog updated. I’ve thought about using some sort of regular schedule to keep me on task, and in the end I decided to go with a Project 365 variant. Most Project 365s I’ve seen involve taking and posting a photo a day for a full year. My version of that is going to be to take and post multiple photos of a different collectible from my collection every day for a full year, starting today. I’ll try to take pictures of new collection additions as soon as I get them, but I have plenty of stuff I haven’t photographed that can fill out the rest of the days from the backlog.

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