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This Twilight Ringwraith was the final piece (so far, and probably ever) in the Lord of the Rings animated statue series Gentle Giant produced. I really love all of their animated-style collectibles, and I wish they would add a few more characters into this one. The Twilight Ringwraith is a very cool statue, but it’s always struck me as odd that they made him before making Aragorn, Arwen, or any of the Hobbits.

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I don’t have a ton of Lord of the Rings collectibles, compared to the number of pieces I have from other franchises and media I enjoy (Star Wars, Marvel, DC, etc). The pieces I do have fall squarely into two occasionally overlapping categories: animated maquettes and bad guy busts. I really like the villains’ designs in the LOTR movies, so I’ve made it a point to collect a few items from that corner of fantasy. This is the Sauron bust Gentle Giant released a while back as part of their Ringbearer series. The series is called “Ringbearer” because each of the busts in the line has a hidden drawer just the right size for holding a ring. I haven’t found a practical use for the drawer in this Sauron bust just yet, but it’s kind of a neat feature.

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I like Lord of the Rings a lot but am not anywhere near being a superfan like I am for Star Wars and assorted other franchises. One thing I really do like about LOTR is the movie character design for the bad guys. The Ringwraiths are especially awesome and creepy, so I had to have this legendary scale bust from Sideshow Collectibles. I believe it’s in 1/2 scale, so it’s a pretty big piece, compared to a lot of the other collectibles I own. The texturing, details, and everything else are extremely well executed on this one, and I’m happy with the way these photos turned out as well.

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