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I’ve posted several of the Bishoujo statues created by Kotobukiya, and I have quite a few more in that series that haven’t shown up on here quite yet. I’m going to be working my way through photographing all of them during this Project 365, and here is Mystique. She comes with a circular clear plastic display base, but I took these pictures without using it. It’s a little bit of an underwhelming base, as it doesn’t have any sort of theming or decoration and basically just takes up space under and around the figure. Mystique herself is really well done, though. The gun in her hand is removable, and the skull belt is attached separate from the rest of the figure, so you can move, rotate, and shift it around to display in the position you like.

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Galactus is one of the coolest pieces released by Eaglemoss in their Classic Marvel Figurine Collection. I hesitate to call him a miniature, because he’s significantly larger than the other figures in that line. I took a photo of him next to Rogue for a scale comparison. The larger sculpture size allowed them to put some great details into this one, and he’s a fantastic centerpiece for the collection.

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Following yesterday’s Lex Luthor post, here’s another miniature from Eaglemoss. This time it’s Carnage, part of the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection. I got Carnage when he first came out and took these photos way back in 2008. I haven’t posted them here yet, so I decided to use them to give myself an “off” day from photography.

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This guy is Marvel Comics’ Sentry, and he’s another miniature from the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection by Eaglemoss. Creators Paul Jenkins and Rick Veitch introduced the Sentry into comics in 2000 as the very first superhero of the Marvel Universe. I can’t remember all the details, but the gist was that something had happened to make all the rest of the Marvel folks forget about him until he reemerged in what really was his first storyline.

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The Classic Marvel Figurines from Eaglemoss are very cool little collectibles, but they look a lot better displayed en masse, as opposed to being seen up close with the sorts of photos I’m taking for this Project 365 thing. As such, I’m trying to stagger these miniatures out a bit, placing them between blocks of more detailed and more interesting individual pieces. Today’s figurine is Crystal from Marvel’s Inhumans. Marvel Studios really, really needs to make an Inhumans movie. I actually am kind of stunned that they’re doing Guardians of the Galaxy before Inhumans.

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Earlier in this ongoing Project 365 I posted photos of Sideshow Collectibles’ Jean Grey as the Black Queen statue, designed by Adam Hughes. That’s a fantastic collectible, but it’s not the only representation of the character that has had a high-end statue produced. Prior to the Sideshow piece, Bowen Designs put out this Jean Grey in their standard Marvel statue scale. She includes a removable cape so that you can display her with or without it, and the whip is made from some flexible material that is affixed to the base to keep everything posed correctly.

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Today I’m posting photos of another miniature from Eaglemoss’s Classic Marvel Figurine Collection, Mr. Sinister. He just might be the most obviously named character in comics. And yet, somehow, the good guys keep meeting up with him and not immediately knowing that he’s out to ruin their day. Look at his name, X-Men. Mr. Sinister. “Sinister” is a word in English that we use to describe evil things. And, apparently, we also use it to describe the left side of things. I didn’t know that until I Googled just now. So I guess they could just think he’s left handed or something? But he’s not. He’s evil. Big twist!

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I’m a big fan of Ms. Marvel and have a bunch of collectibles of her, but I’m pretty sure this is the first one I’ve posted here. These are some shots I took a few years ago of the Ms. Marvel Modern statue from Bowen Designs. At the same time they released this one, they also put out a Ms. Marvel Classic statue, with her in her old, original red and blue costume. I’ll take pictures of that one, too, eventually.


This Sentinel from the X-Men was one of the early deluxe releases in Eaglemoss’s Classic Marvel Figurine Collection. He’s bigger in size than the standard characters in the line but isn’t really in the same scale. That’s understandable, because he’d end up being prohibitively huge for this collectible line if they tried to scale him up accurately, the same issue that crops up with the Galactus figurine.

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I’m a big fan of Kotobukiya’s bishoujo statue series, and their newest release is Kitty Pryde, part of the Marvel line. Kitty comes with her loyal dragon buddy Lockheed, and you can display her with or without him clipped onto her arm. I like Kitty a lot, and I like this series, but there’s something just sort of blah about this one. It might be that there’s nothing distinctively Kitty about this statue, aside from the costume and the dragon. Her face doesn’t really look like Kitty Pryde, and she definitely isn’t in any pose Kitty would be caught dead doing. What is that pose, anyway? Generic anime “oh my” canter #453? It’s not a terrible collectible, and I’m glad to have it in my collection, but I wish it had a little more of the character in it, even at the expense of the cutesy overload they were going for.

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