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A little while ago I got my first Play Arts Kai figure, the Frank Miller Batman from Arkham City. Last week I got my second one, Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider reboot. Lara is really cool and has some great details, both in sculpting and painting. She also has a ton of poseability and came with all sorts of accessories from the game, including her pick axe, shotgun, bow and arrow, and pistol, along with several swappable hands for holding them. She also came with a somewhat ridiculously complicated display base that required a bit of heavy construction involving screws and nuts. It’s sort of a neat universal base, but I kind of would have preferred it if she could just stand up on her own, unaided. Still, it’s a very cool figure and a good addition to Celeste’s and my collective Tomb Raider collection.

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The first thing you should know about today’s collectible is that I didn’t buy it, and it probably never would have been in the collection if I hadn’t received it for free. The second thing you should know is that Play Arts Kai toys are really, really cool. This is the first PAK figure I’ve owned, and even though I’m not crazy about this particular figure, I think it’s made me a fan of the toy line. Play Arts Kai toys are made by Square Enix, and they are deluxe figures with tons of poseability and lots of cool detailing and accessories. They make toys based on every property from Batman and Superman to Mass Effect and Metal Gear Solid. The really neat thing about posing these figures is that the joints click to hold instead of smoothly turning. That lets you pose the figures dynamically without having to worry about the body parts shifting around.

I’m a big fan of the Arkham video games, and this Batman comes from Arkham City. It’s an alternate version of the playable Batman, though, based on the art of Frank Miller from the Dark Knight Returns comic series. If you can’t tell from these photos or from prior knowledge of comic stuff, Frank Miller draws really weird looking superheroes. His style works for stuff like Sin City, but I’ve never liked the way he draws Batman and other mainstream heroes. Just look at those thunder bat thighs. Just look! Still, having this figure gives me a new respect for PAK toys, and now I want to have some more of them!

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