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Here’s a big one! This is the Poison Ivy Premium Format Figure, the first female premium format Sideshow Collectibles has released in their DC Comics license. Premium formats tend to be in 1/4 scale, so this is a pretty huge statue, compared to most of the pieces in my collection. She is in scale with some of the previous ones I’ve posted, such as the Baby Doll and Lara Croft. Poison Ivy comes in the box in several pieces to be constructed for display. Pegs on her feet insert into the round base, and there’s also a viney tendril that plugs into the base by her feet. She also comes with three different Audrey-esque plant heads that attach to the tops of the stalks around her. There are only two stalks for attaching, so you can choose and swap out which heads you want to display. Previous Sideshow premium format females have rocketed in value, and I’d be very surprised if Poison Ivy doesn’t eventually increase greatly in aftermarket sales as well.

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Yesterday I posted photos of the new Baby Doll Premium Format Figure from Sucker Punch, and today I’m following up with pictures of another Premium Format, this time X-Men’s Rogue. We have a big display shelf above the TV in our living room where we keep six 1:4 scale figures on display at a time. Rogue has been up there for quite a while (alongside two versions of Lara Croft, Daredevil, Buffy Summers, and Agent 47), but she’s being moved to another location to make room for Baby Doll. After taking Rogue down from the shelf, I decided to go ahead and snap some shots of her. Her jacket is fabric, as are her belt and pouches, but all the rest is polystone sculpted.

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I’m in the minority in that I’m a big fan of Sucker Punch, and it even was my favorite movie of 2011. The Gentle Giant Baby Doll statue proved to be pretty much impossible to get, so I decided to pass on their entire line of 1:4 scale Sucker Punch statues. That was really disappointing after I’d seen and gotten excited about that statue line at Comic-Con 2010. As it turns out, I’m glad I waited because Sideshow’s 1:4 scale Baby Doll blows Gentle Giant’s out of the water.

She’s a large piece, standing about 19 inches tall, from the top of her sword to the bottom of the base. I love how dynamic this one is, in comparison to Gentle Giant’s release, and it’s great that Sideshow captured the character in an homage to an iconic moment from the movie. Baby Doll has fabric clothes, and the rest of her is polystone cast, and the level of detail really is outstanding. She arrived in the box in eight pieces, which means there was a lot more construction for her than these things usually require. They even included an instruction sheet showing how to put her together, which turned out to be very useful. The Baby Doll Premium Format Figure probably is my favorite collectible I’ve gotten so far in 2013. She’s limited to 1250 pieces, and the one I got is numbered 7.

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Here’s the Emma Frost premium format figure from way back in 2009. Sideshow Collectibles made two versions of this one, an exclusive and a standard edition. The exclusive came with an optional hand holding Cyclops’ visor, but I opted for the regular edition. I like the sculpt and pose a lot, and I especially like that Emma’s cape is poseable via some hidden wires inside it. I’m not crazy about her face, though. It’s cartoonier than Sideshow’s other premium formats tend to be, and I think it’s supposed to be inspired by J. Scott Campbell’s art. It’s not a dealbreaker for the overall statue, but I would have preferred something closer to the style of the other Marvel pieces.

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