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I love the animated maquettes Gentle Giant makes. It started with the Star Wars ones based on the original 2D Clone Wars cartoons and blossomed into all kinds of crazy animated stuff. We have a huge display in our living room that is a mixture of animated style statues from Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Buffy, and it covers the majority of a full wall. The newest addition to the cartoony Star Wars line arrived this week, and it’s this Scout Trooper getting beaten up by Ewoks. This one is exclusive to an online store other than our own, so I had to buy him from the distinguished competition. Aside from feeling a little weird about that, I’m really happy to have this piece in our collection. He’s limited to 1000 pieces, and ours is number 700-something.

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Kenner made the classic small-scale Star Wars action figures, as well as larger 12 inch ones. Hasbro eventually bought out Kenner, and they retain the Star Wars license to this day. Nowadays Sideshow Collectibles also has a Star Wars toy license, and they have been the dominant company making 12 inch figures for the last several years. They have yet to make Admiral Ackbar, though, so for now this Hasbro version is the only official way to have him in your 12 inch Star Wars collection. The Hasbro figures generally lack the polish and detail (and price tag) of Sideshow toys, but there’s a sort of simplistic retro charm about them that I still love.

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Here’s another great Star Wars 12″ figure from Sideshow Collectibles. This time it’s Bossk, the surly alien bounty hunter from The Empire Strikes Back. The detail Sideshow puts into the sculpting and the fabric costuming on these things is incredible. It’s especially impressive when you consider that it’s all for a character that had only a few precious seconds of screentime in the entire Star Wars movie saga. Bossk is among a legion of background characters from Star Wars that amassed a huge fan following, even though they never really did that much other than stand around looking interesting. Bossk has shown up later in the Clone Wars animated series, and chances are good that we might see him on the big screen again if the rumored Boba Fett solo film gets made. This Bossk figure comes with the standard Star Wars display stand from Sideshow, and they’ve included his gun, as well as an extra pair of swap-out hands. In addition to the interchangeable hands, he also has interchangeable feet (since he doesn’t wear boots) to help with posing him in different stances.

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I might have mentioned before that I’m a lifelong Star Wars fan. I’m also a lifelong fan of toys, and nothing goes together better than Star Wars and action figures. I haven’t featured any poseable figures here since I started my Project 365 posts, so it was just about time that I broke that trend. This is the Imperial Snowtrooper, the newest 12″ action figure in Sideshow Collectibles’ high-end Star Wars line. He comes with plastic armor over a fabric bodysuit, and everything is weathered really awesomely. The figure has six interchangeable hands that pop on and off at the wrist pretty easily, allowing him to hold his gun, hold other things, point, and do all the other hand-type things a Snowtrooper might do. His backpack comes separately in the box, and it attaches to him via four plastic pegs that fit into holes in two rubber straps, and it’s secured in place with two tiny buckles. He comes with his gun, as well as with the standard Sideshow-style Star Wars display base, round and black with the Star Wars logo on it. This one also has a separate circular rubber snow piece you can put on top of the base (as shown in the photos) to theme the display.

I’ve always thought the Snowtroopers had really cool uniforms, and it wasn’t until I got this guy out to start taking pictures that I realized how much he kind of resembles a Ku Klux Klansman. That was my uncomfortable and disconcerting moment of the day. George Lucas and Ralph McQuarrie did use Nazi uniforms as touchstones for designing the Imperial officers’ uniforms, so who knows?

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After posting about my Darth Talon bust yesterday, it wasn’t my intent to follow up with another Star Wars collectible today. As luck would have it, though, the new R2-D2 maquette from The Clone Wars arrived, and I felt compelled to take pictures of this little guy right away. The animated-style Star Wars statues are some of my favorite collectibles, and we even have a whole display wall devoted to them in our living room. R2-D2 has appeared in the line before, as part of the Princess Leia and Yoda pieces, but this is the first Artoo standalone maquette Gentle Giant has made for this series. The Clone Wars version of R2-D2 is more weathered than the other versions, most likely due to all the warring he’s been doing with clones. He also has a more limited run than most other statues in the series, clocking in at just 1000 numbered pieces.

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Darth Talon is one of the more recently introduced popular villains from the Star Wars expanded universe. She first appeared in the Star Wars Legacy comic books published by Dark Horse, set around 130 years after A New Hope. There already have been a ton of Talon collectibles produced, partly because she’s a popular baddie and partly because she’s one of the more visually striking characters that has been brought into the franchise in a long time. This bust is from Gentle Giant and is a limited edition of 3850 (mine is #1212). Her lightsaber is translucent plastic and comes separate in the box, attachable by a pin and socket.

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One of the newest licenses brought into Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo statue series is Star Wars. Being a collector of this particular figure series and a lifelong Star Wars devotee, it’s a no-brainer that this one would make its way into my collection. In the Star Wars Expanded Universe (that is, the stuff from the books and comics but not from the movies), Jaina Solo is one of Han and Leia’s kids. She’s a Jedi and also an ace X-Wing pilot. The statue comes with Jaina’s helmet, pilot uniform, and lightsaber, as well as a round customizable disc base. Unsurprisingly, this Star Wars piece is less overtly provocative than the other statues in the Koto Bishoujo series.

The background used in the above image (also linked in the gallery) originated from Roberts Space Industries.

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Back in August when we went to Dragon*Con 2011, I recorded video of the Star Wars costume contest. I was super busy after we got home, and I completely forgot that I had the video. As such, I never had a chance to publish it or include it in the Fandomania Dragon*Con coverage. I was organizing some stuff in my office today and came across my Flip cam. That’s when I remembered the video and decided to toss it up onto YouTube, sight unseen. This is the entirety of the contest, including the judge intros (with an appearance by Peter “Chewbacca” Mayhew), the mid-contest lightsaber demonstration, and the awards presentation at the end. There’s even a C-3PO flasher to be seen.

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