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The newest character in Kotobukiya’s Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Bishoujo series is Lili, just released this week. She comes with the standard clear disc display base that the other Tekken figures in this line have. You can pull the bottom off the base to insert one of three translucent plastic sheets to decorate the base. One just has the Tekken logo, one has the concept art for the figure, and one has the statue designer’s signature.

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Today brings another entry in Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo statue series. This past week, Jaycee from Tekken Tag Tournament 2 arrived in the US and joined the growing Bishoujo collection. Jaycee comes with the clear circular stand that is a standard for the TTT2 statues, and, like the others in the series, she has several interchangeable discs you can put into the display base to change up the way she displays. This one comes with one disc signed by the designer and two featuring the Jaycee concept art (one with her mask on and one without). She also has two interchangeable heads so that you can display her with or without her mask. If you display her without the mask, there’s an additional optional mask in the box that clips onto her hand so that she can hold it while not wearing it.

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In addition to Star Wars, Marvel, and DC, Kotobukiya also has incorporated the Tekken fighting games into their bishoujo statue line. Like the other releases, these figures are designed by artist Shunya Yamashita and portray the characters of the Tekken franchise in anime’d up styles. The newest character featured in the line is Asuka Kazama, and she comes with a clear disc display base like other recent entries in the line. Like the Jaina Solo and other bishoujo pieces, Asuka’s base is customizable, coming with three different transparent inserts you can slide into the hard plastic housing (one with the artist’s signature, one with the Tekken logo, and the one I’ve displayed, which includes a bit of the concept art for the statue).

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